What a brilliant idea ESPN has a couple of years ago to do 30 documentaries for their 30th anniversary.  Fortunately the documentaries have been a huge hit, and they’ve done more than 30.

Some of my favorites:

The 16th Man- about Mandela and South Africa

cmuhxs9uyaacsepOnce Brothers- basketball, Croatia

Brothers in Exile- baseball, Cuba

Ghosts of Ole Miss- about integration, James Meredith, football

Jordan Rides the Bus

Delaney- just, Wow.  

Less of an impression but still enjoyed:

51sz09mjytlWithout Bias- Len Bias, basketball. I remember being shocked when he died.

The Best There Never Was

Slaying the Badger- Cycling, Tour de France, Greg Le Monde


Kid Danny– about the boy who pitched in the World Series who turned out to be too old

Spike Lee’s:

Of the Father, about Jackie Robinson’s Son

Need to Watch: OJ: Made in American